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Workshop & Repairs

Telephone: 01747 825 757

We offer a comprehensive workshop service delivered by mechanics trained to industry standards - whether it’s repairing the bike in the shed or your loyal racing steed, we aim to please.

All prices are LABOUR ONLY and DO NOT include parts. Prices include VAT at 20%

General Repair Services

Basic service - £45.00

Check through brakes and gears, lube and adjust as required.

Silver service - £90.00

As basic service but checking all bearings clean and regrease/replace

Full Service - £150.00

Complete strip down of bicycle, clean, replace parts as required and rebuild


Brake service (cable brakes) - £30.00

Check and lube cables, reset/adjust as required

Brake service (hydraulic brakes) - £40.00

Check and clean caliper/rotors, check pads and bleed system

Gear service - £30.00

Check gears, check cables and lube, adjust as required

Electronic Diagnostics - £20.

Di2 or eBike Diagnostics and Tuning.


Bearing Services

Headset - £20

Remove old headset and replace with new bearings/unit.

Bottom Bracket - £20.

Remove old bearings, clean shell and replace with new unit.

Front Hub - £20.

Remove old bearings/cones and replace with new.

Rear Hub - £30.

Remove old bearings/cones and replace with new.

Suspension linkages - £150.

Remove old bolts and bearings, replace with new.


Building Services

Bike Build - £90.

Build with all parts from Wheels of Dorset.

Other Bike Build - £180.

Customer supplies frame and parts.

Bike Clean - £30.

Remove wheels, clean and degrease.

Boxed Bike (new) - £50

Build and PDI and boxed bike.

Wheel Build - £60.

Rebuild wheel with new spokes and nipples.

True Wheel - £20.

Replace broken spoke(s), straighten and retention


Tyre Services

Replace Tyre/Tube (in bike) - £9.

Wheel in cycle tyre/tube replacement.

Replace Tyre/Tube (out of bike) - £6.

Wheel out of cycle tyre/tube replacement.

Motorised Tyre/Tube - £20.

Wheel in eBike with hub motor Tyre/Tube replacement.

Fit Tannus Tyre - £30

Removal of old tyre/tube and fitting of solid tyre.

All services where new parts are changed include a FREE checkover within 28 days of collection.